T20 Blast Cricket Clinic by Hayden and Darcy

The grade 4 students were luck enough to get to go to the T20 cricket clinic.

The grade 4 students did bowling and batting. The boys went in a boys group and the girls went in a girl group. First we did bowling they taught us how to bowl really easily. Then we played a game and we got into groups of 2 and the instructors gave the group a number like 1 2 3 4 and so on.

The coaches were Bob, Ash and Nick. Some people hit a 6 and some people hit little ones.

Other people could bowl really fast balls and some did normal bowls.

It was great fun doing the T20 blast cricket clinic.



Book Week Dress Up Day

There were Disney Characters, fairytale and nursery rhyme favourites, sporting heroes, cats, dogs and pigs and plenty of people asking “Where’s Wally?”  Some students from Hogwarts, a MInion, the Cat In The Hat, Puss in Boots and even Greg Heffley popped in for a visit. It was great to see so many kids in 4K dress up to celebrate the end of Book Week.



Robocup State Competition

Hi i’m Samudra. Hi i’m Kyra and we are part of the rookies team. Last Friday we went to the State Robocup Competition. It was a very nerve racking experience.

We got full marks for each round which we were proud of. Our last round was a bit rocky at the start as the paper we had on our sensor was covering it. Our unexpected team came 5th place out of 48 teams. Our experience was a very fun and exciting one. Overall… We had lots of fun!

Thank You!

Camp by EJ

The 10th of August, 2015 is the day we have been waiting for and it is finally here.  We are going to camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort.

We got to school and we waited for the school bell to go. We had to put our luggage bags outside the gym so it wouldn’t take up lots of space but we had to take our little bag into the gym with us to take on the bus to camp.

There should be our lunch and snack, the grade 4 or 3 camp book, with our pencil case, pencils, and pens in our bags on the bus. Well we’re finally on the bus. We get off at San Remo to have our snack and look at the pelicans and the seagulls but all the kids were feeding the seagulls their food so Ms Kelly said no one is allowed down on the grass area but after a while we went down where the Pelicans were and we were just in time for their feeding time.

When we went down to the sand the lady was throwing the fish near everyone and when she threw a fish near me it hit my face with its wing and I fell on my bottom on the rocks but it didn’t really hurt me at all.

So we eventually got on the bus but this time we didn’t stop to have anything to eat. We got to camp and then we ate the rest of the food in our bags. The activity I liked was low ropes. There was the balance beam and that is literally the only one activity I remember out of all of the activities in the whole low ropes but the most extremely hard (only for most of the boys) but mainly all the girls in every group got to do it but I don’t know what it is called but it was hard and outstandingly amazing at the low ropes.


Grade 3/4 camp by Connor 4k


I loved camp, everyone had fun at camp because of the cabins, the activities, everything.

I might of had too much fun at camp. We stopped at San Remo to watch the Pelicans get fed.

Then before you knew it … off to Phillip island we went.

There was a nice cabin but hard floor. Some of the activities were the giant swing, the flying fox and team rescue. They were awesome.

As time flew by we went to the penguin parade and as more time flew by it was time to go home:).


Footy Clinic by Sanketh

Four weeks ago the SEDA Footy Clinic came back to our school. On the first week my activity was held in the new play area near the gym. I was in a group with my friends Hayden, Stevan P and Darcy. There were two mini groups in the whole  group. First we played Ship, Shark, Shore. Then we played a game called Real or Opposite, at least I think that’s what it’s called.

Three weeks ago the Footy Clinic came back to our school and I had to go with 4T  because some people in our grade had to do the English test, I wasn’t apart of the test, so that’s why I had to go with 4T. Firstly we did the Real or Opposite game again then we played golden child but with a Football!!! It’s crazy bonkers – it break’s the rules. I didn’t know how to play so this is what we had to do. First there are two teams, one hand balling and the second team is running. Firstly we were the hand balling team we got all of them OUT!!!!  We ran. I was second to run after Brooke, she made it then everyone on our team made it. The session was really fast and we had to go to our classroom.

Two weeks the footy clinic sadly did not come because it was raining so we were stuck inside doing work. It was also a wet day time table.

One week ago the Footy Clinic came back to our school. I was with my friends Hayden, Caleb. We played In and Out and we also played Golden Child. It was a fun experience.


Regional Robocup Competition! by Samudra

This term (term 3 2015) but a few months ago my team, Rookies competed in Riley Rover – Robocup. I had two of my friends, Kyra and Jayda who were in the team. Because it was our first time and our robot, Ibot made quite a few mistakes in our practice round at Glendal Primary School so we were very nervous.

But now it was our actual competition, Regional. It was held at a school called Sacre Coeur. We were 2nd to complete, at least try to complete the 1st round. Ibot finished the course in quite a fast time. Ibot did all the courses other than course 5. Sadly he didn’t finish but he was so close.

I was very happy with our 10th place.

The day finally finished. I was sooo hungry so  my Mum bought me a chocolate muffin and my sister bought me a hot dog and Ovalteenies. I waited with my sister for a very long time for my mum to pick us up. Finally Mum came.




Wakakirri 2015 By Charli

On Tuesday the 4th of August all the Wakakirri students performed at Frankston Arts Centre. When we arrived  Deb ( Wakakirri leader ) showed us to our dressing room. When we got into our dressing room we got into the rest of our costumes for rehearsals. Every school had at least two rehearsals on stage, but we were actually judged during our second rehearsal. By the time we finished rehearsals it was about 3 o’clock . By now everyone was doing their hair and makeup touch ups, that took about one hour . When everyone finished doing their makeup and  hair we had dinner. Just for this night we had to provide a cold dinner so I had chicken and coleslaw. Then we had 3 hours and 30 minutes  to spare. Then at about seven thirty we performed our story which was called ” Together Divided “.  Basically the story was about  twins who were born as their mother passed away  so they twins were passed on to their father. Then their father had to go to war and had died so the twins had been sent to an orphanage and they had been taken by two different mums one poor and one rich then the two sides had a fight but then the twins thought it was useless so they gave up the fight  and they all came together. On the night we had won the best public speaking award.