Footy Clinic by Sanketh

Four weeks ago the SEDA Footy Clinic came back to our school. On the first week my activity was held in the new play area near the gym. I was in a group with my friends Hayden, Stevan P and Darcy. There were two mini groups in the whole  group. First we played Ship, Shark, Shore. Then we played a game called Real or Opposite, at least I think that’s what it’s called.

Three weeks ago the Footy Clinic came back to our school and I had to go with 4T  because some people in our grade had to do the English test, I wasn’t apart of the test, so that’s why I had to go with 4T. Firstly we did the Real or Opposite game again then we played golden child but with a Football!!! It’s crazy bonkers – it break’s the rules. I didn’t know how to play so this is what we had to do. First there are two teams, one hand balling and the second team is running. Firstly we were the hand balling team we got all of them OUT!!!!  We ran. I was second to run after Brooke, she made it then everyone on our team made it. The session was really fast and we had to go to our classroom.

Two weeks the footy clinic sadly did not come because it was raining so we were stuck inside doing work. It was also a wet day time table.

One week ago the Footy Clinic came back to our school. I was with my friends Hayden, Caleb. We played In and Out and we also played Golden Child. It was a fun experience.


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