Wakakirri 2015 By Charli

On Tuesday the 4th of August all the Wakakirri students performed at Frankston Arts Centre. When we arrived  Deb ( Wakakirri leader ) showed us to our dressing room. When we got into our dressing room we got into the rest of our costumes for rehearsals. Every school had at least two rehearsals on stage, but we were actually judged during our second rehearsal. By the time we finished rehearsals it was about 3 o’clock . By now everyone was doing their hair and makeup touch ups, that took about one hour . When everyone finished doing their makeup and  hair we had dinner. Just for this night we had to provide a cold dinner so I had chicken and coleslaw. Then we had 3 hours and 30 minutes  to spare. Then at about seven thirty we performed our story which was called ” Together Divided “.  Basically the story was about  twins who were born as their mother passed away  so they twins were passed on to their father. Then their father had to go to war and had died so the twins had been sent to an orphanage and they had been taken by two different mums one poor and one rich then the two sides had a fight but then the twins thought it was useless so they gave up the fight  and they all came together. On the night we had won the best public speaking award.

2 thoughts on “Wakakirri 2015 By Charli

  1. Hi Charli it is Jordy,
    I really liked your recount of Wakakirri. I think it is very, very detailed. I liked how you talked about the story and what we won.I had a Really enjoyable day I hope you did and I think I can tell because you sounded like you liked it

  2. Looooved the text. There was a lot of information. One more question “Did you enjoy it?”

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