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The 10th of August, 2015 is the day we have been waiting for and it is finally here.  We are going to camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort.

We got to school and we waited for the school bell to go. We had to put our luggage bags outside the gym so it wouldn’t take up lots of space but we had to take our little bag into the gym with us to take on the bus to camp.

There should be our lunch and snack, the grade 4 or 3 camp book, with our pencil case, pencils, and pens in our bags on the bus. Well we’re finally on the bus. We get off at San Remo to have our snack and look at the pelicans and the seagulls but all the kids were feeding the seagulls their food so Ms Kelly said no one is allowed down on the grass area but after a while we went down where the Pelicans were and we were just in time for their feeding time.

When we went down to the sand the lady was throwing the fish near everyone and when she threw a fish near me it hit my face with its wing and I fell on my bottom on the rocks but it didn’t really hurt me at all.

So we eventually got on the bus but this time we didn’t stop to have anything to eat. We got to camp and then we ate the rest of the food in our bags. The activity I liked was low ropes. There was the balance beam and that is literally the only one activity I remember out of all of the activities in the whole low ropes but the most extremely hard (only for most of the boys) but mainly all the girls in every group got to do it but I don’t know what it is called but it was hard and outstandingly amazing at the low ropes.


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