Robocup State Competition

Hi i’m Samudra. Hi i’m Kyra and we are part of the rookies team. Last Friday we went to the State Robocup Competition. It was a very nerve racking experience.

We got full marks for each round which we were proud of. Our last round was a bit rocky at the start as the paper we had on our sensor was covering it. Our unexpected team came 5th place out of 48 teams. Our experience was a very fun and exciting one. Overall… We had lots of fun!

Thank You!

Regional Robocup Competition! by Samudra

This term (term 3 2015) but a few months ago my team, Rookies competed in Riley Rover – Robocup. I had two of my friends, Kyra and Jayda who were in the team. Because it was our first time and our robot, Ibot made quite a few mistakes in our practice round at Glendal Primary School so we were very nervous.

But now it was our actual competition, Regional. It was held at a school called Sacre Coeur. We were 2nd to complete, at least try to complete the 1st round. Ibot finished the course in quite a fast time. Ibot did all the courses other than course 5. Sadly he didn’t finish but he was so close.

I was very happy with our 10th place.

The day finally finished. I was sooo hungry so  my Mum bought me a chocolate muffin and my sister bought me a hot dog and Ovalteenies. I waited with my sister for a very long time for my mum to pick us up. Finally Mum came.






It is a warm autumn day. Two boys called Sam & Zac have gone to a park with lots of dry, rough and colourful leaves on the floor. The leaves are crunchy, soft and are twirling of the trees and on to the floor. When the children saw a big pile of leaves they started jumping in it joyfully. There was a lot of giggling, laughing and crunching of the leaves. They felt the magic of this autumn day. They had a warm, fun and fantastic day.



A warm autumn day,

two children as happy as can be

In  the park playing with the leaves,

Above them as they play are

Ripe, rich, golden leaves, falling to the ground.

As they twirl from tree to tree

Laughter fills the air because of this autumn day!

They have got finally got the special autumn feeling.