Curriculum Outline

What’s Happening In Term 2

The implementation of fortnightly Talk Homework will continue fortnightly this term. The focus in Term 2 will be persuasive text and descriptive writing. ‘Talk Homework’ will be distributed on Mondays and the Big Write session will be on the following Wednesday. Try to find time to sit with your child and discuss the writing prompt in order to prepare them for Big Write.

This term we have commenced Maths Streaming across the Grade 3 and 4 level. Each Tuesday students work in maths groups based on their current abilities. This enables teachers to target specific numeracy learning opportunities to students’ current needs.

Our term 2 inquiry learning unit is called ‘Dots to Dashes and Digital Downloads’. Grade 4 students will understand that communications technology has and will continue to play a significant part in their lives. They will be investigating many forms of communication and how it has changed over time and make predictions about the future. They will work collaboratively in a group to communicate the happenings in their class to the wider community. E.g. a newsletter, news or radio show.

Linking to the Grade 4 inquiry learning unit, during term 2 some Grade 4 students will be given the opportunity to work with Mr Kelly to present two episodes of the Berwick Lodge Radio Show. Grade 4 students also develop their oral presentation skills by hosting the Grade 3 and 4 assembly each week.

Weekly Library lessons in Term 2 will focus on Asian Studies. Grade 4 students will be studying  Japan. Early in Term 3 students will showcase their work to the school community in a Grade 3 and 4 Asian Expo.

Each term we focus on developing a You Can Do It approach to life. This term students will strive to develop their Confidence and Organisation skills.

In ICT this term both Grade 4 students will be introduced to simple programming through the ‘Hour of Code’ ( )

Students will continue to work with Ms Rapinett in Robotics at the beginning of term 2 and some students have elected to further develop their skills through lunchtime activities and involvement in competitions such as Robocup.

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