Blowing Bubbles


We went outside to blow bubbles. I blew the most bubbles I think. We tried to blow the biggest bubble. We blew fast and we blew slow. I loved blowing bubbles. Bubbles are made out of a liquid of soap and water.  Bubbles have a gas called air inside them. By Tom

We blew bubbles. I blew lots but not the most. I have lots of fun. We had to blow the biggest bubble and we tried blowing bubbles sideways. The bubbles flew away and some popped. By Abbey

Skype With Grade 3 and 4

When the Grade 3 and 4s had their Communication Day some groups talked to us with Skype. We told them all about our science experiments. They asked us what we knew about how we communicate. When it was our turn to talk to the Grade 3 and 4s we had to sit in the ‘hot seat’.  It was in front of computer. The computer had a camera and a microphone and the grade 3 and 4s could see us and hear us. We could see and hear them. We enjoyed talking to another grade and seeing them while we talked on Skype. By Tom and Will

Australia and New Zealand

We compared Australia and New Zealand and found out some things are the same and some are different.


We found out that more people live in Australia than New Zealand. Our country is much larger than New Zealand.  New Zealand is a wetter and colder country than Australia. Both countries have the Union Jack and stars on their flag.  Australia and New Zealand are neighbours and they are both are islands.  The two countries have many different animals but both countries farm sheep. 

By Abbey, Kiara, Dileesha and Dhee


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