Wakakirri by Jordan

On the 4th of August  a number of students in Grade 4, 5 and 6  who went to Wakakirri. These are some of the things we had to bring:

. a Hair Brush                   . Blush

. Red lipstick                    . Eye Shadow

. Powder                          . Makeup Bag

. Foundation                   . Pillow

. Dressing gown and dinner.

The Wakakirri performance was held in the Frankston Art Centre.

In this year’s wakakirri, our signature item was a chicken.

Footy Clinic By Stevie

Over the past four weeks we have been participating in something called Footy Clinic. Secondary students from SEDA Sports Academy taught us, and probably other schools, many different football skills ( including being taught themselves ). The people who were teaching us were extremely kind to us and were very funny. We played many games such as line tiggy, scarecrow tiggy and many more. Each session was for around 45 minutes.

I  hope next year they will be back. Or maybe they might go to your school? Who knows?

Autumn Fun by Amber and Alisha

On the 22nd of May there were two children who went to the park. Their names were Alisha and Amber. When they got there the park was full of leaves that were red, orange and golden coloured. It was an amazing sight.

Amber and Alisha were jumping in the leaves. Then they sat down and had a picnic. While they were having their picnic a greedy crow came swooping down and took their bread.

The bird flew up into its nest and ate the bread but while they were watching the greedy crow, ants scattered across their food and took their chips. Amber and Alisha thought it was the greedy crow again and that made Amber and Alisha very angry, so much that steam was coming out of their nose and their face was bright red like a cherry.

So they tried to climb the tree but a whole heap of colourful Autumn leaves fell on top of their heads and made them fall down. They tried again and made it up the tree but they saw there were baby crows in the nest with the crow that took Amber and Alisha’s bread so they climbed back down the tree and let the birds be.

After that they went home and had a rest because they were very frustrated and tired.



It is a warm autumn day. Two boys called Sam & Zac have gone to a park with lots of dry, rough and colourful leaves on the floor. The leaves are crunchy, soft and are twirling of the trees and on to the floor. When the children saw a big pile of leaves they started jumping in it joyfully. There was a lot of giggling, laughing and crunching of the leaves. They felt the magic of this autumn day. They had a warm, fun and fantastic day.



A warm autumn day,

two children as happy as can be

In  the park playing with the leaves,

Above them as they play are

Ripe, rich, golden leaves, falling to the ground.

As they twirl from tree to tree

Laughter fills the air because of this autumn day!

They have got finally got the special autumn feeling.




Autumn Fun by Jordan.

On the 22nd of May two kids Sam and Molly went to the park. At the park they saw it was covered in leaves. Before they got out of their car they put on their coats and beanies. Then they jumped out of the car and had lots of fun playing in the dried autumn leaves.

Golden Glow by Darcy and Jensen

Autumn is happy season, where the leaves are falling and the park is glowing. Kids are playing with the dry and crunchy leaves. Laughing as they have a leaf fight in the park . Although it looks warm be careful of cold and chilly days.

Autumn Drops (by Charli and Isabella)

It is Autumn and kids are taking their  time to rug up and go to the  park to play with the colourful leaves with their friends.  In Autumn the park is a wonderful place to be because the sun is shining, the leaves are glowing and with the sun shining the trees give a wonderful shadow which makes the place magical!  When it is Autumn the leaves pile all over the place. The kids can bunch them all up  and throw them up in the sky and have falling leaves. IT IS FINALLY AUTUMN !!!

Its Autumn Time By Stevie And Jamison

Daniel and Max have gone for a walk in the park. Its a very cold and foggy day. As you can imagine they are all rugged up as the air is chilly. As you know at the end of autumn the trees are bare, leaves are dry and its about to become winter. The children make the most out of their days at the park, playing in the dead and but still colourful leaves. All the colours bring lovely smiles to their beautiful faces. At the end of the day the children are still smiling and are worn out.