June 1st was National Buddy Day. The whole school got to wear purple clothes and we met with our Grade 3 and Grade 5 buddies. Our Grade 5 buddies taught us how to do the secret buddy handshake. Even our teacher didn’t know how to do it. We got to give our buddies a special purple and yellow friendship bracelet. Next we sat with our buddies and talked about who we can go to when we don’t feel safe in the playground. They helped us write these names on a purple hand. We love catching up with our buddies.

Maths Trail With Our Buddies

 During Literacy and Numeracy Week we explored our school grounds with our Grade 4 Buddies. They helped us to solve a Maths trail and Photo trail. We walked all around the school looking for clues. We counted and measured and had great fun.

National Reading Day

On National Reading Day we met with our Grade Four buddies to share our favourite books. It was a beautiful day so we sat outside to enjoy reading our books together.

Harmony Day

On Harmony Day we worked with our Grade 4 buddies to make a Harmony Bracelet. We used our ‘Getting Along’ skills and worked together to plait or twist coloured threads to make a bracelet. Our Harmony Bracelets were made using the colours of the flags from all the countries where Grade 1K families have come from.