Chinese New Year by Savannah

Yesterday my class and I and a bunch of other classes went to the basketball court to celebrate Chinese new year. I had lots of fun but when our class had to walk around I didn’t want to do it. Mrs. Weber suggested I should wave to people while reading books as well.

I especially liked the dragon but I really, really, really liked last year’s dragon better because they looked like the real dragons in China especially when last year’s dragons pounced & jumped around.

By the way 2015 is the year of the goat.

I also made a Chinese New Year lantern with MRS. CHANDLER and my grade 2 buddy.

Chinese New Year Celebrations by Nadia and Phoebe


On Wednesday the 25th of February the Berwick Lodge Primary School students, teachers and parents celebrated Chinese New Year.

Most of the students wore the Chinese lucky colours which are red and yellow or even just wore the Asian clothing.

Firstly the 4K students( which are us) walked down to the 2c classroom and got our buddies, we walked all together to the basketball court to get prepared for the Chinese New Year celebration. First the Mandarin captains welcomed us, and the school captains read out a poem to all the students, teachers, and parents.

After the poem the Year 1’s sang Chinese songs.

The lions came out and there were only three, but not only that but the dragon then arrived …

but let’s skip before the lions and dragons and talk about the Year 6’s Zance.

The Year 6’s showed us a Chinese song but not only that, they showed us how to dance to it.

So after all of the Zance activity we moved on to the Chinese New Year Parade…

Everyone looked fantastic in their red and yellow or even Asian clothing, they walked around and I know lots of people enjoyed it. So after that we had snack with our buddies.