T20 Blast Cricket Clinic by Hayden and Darcy

The grade 4 students were luck enough to get to go to the T20 cricket clinic.

The grade 4 students did bowling and batting. The boys went in a boys group and the girls went in a girl group. First we did bowling they taught us how to bowl really easily. Then we played a game and we got into groups of 2 and the instructors gave the group a number like 1 2 3 4 and so on.

The coaches were Bob, Ash and Nick. Some people hit a 6 and some people hit little ones.

Other people could bowl really fast balls and some did normal bowls.

It was great fun doing the T20 blast cricket clinic.



1K at the Cricket Clinic

We were so excited to go to the cricket clinic. We went on three days. We were divided into groups and got to learn cricket skills from some boys from the sports academy. Some of the skills we practised were bowling, batting, fielding, catching, dodging, throwing at the stumps. We had loads of fun and got better with each day.