At Casey Safety Village we learnt about being safe cyclists, pedestrians and passengers in the car. Everyone got to ride on a bike around pretend roads. We had to know the road rules and obey the street signs. Some of us got to have a turn at being the lollipop person. Before we could ride our bike on the road we had to have our helmets checked to make sure they were safe. Everyone was able to ride a bike.

Casey Safety Village

We had great fun when we went to Casey Safety VIllage in Cranbourne. There was a fire safety house where we learnt about all the heat sources in our homes that could cause a fire. We found out that you need heat, fuel and oxygen for a fire to start. A lot of fires start in the kitchen but sometimes our heaters can start a fire. We talked about having a fire saftey plan at home. We also found out that a cold door is a safe door to exit. We all practised stop, drop and roll if our clothes caught fire and to crawl low in smoke.