Swimming Fun

This year we went swimming at Fastlanes at Hailebury. We had great fun and learnt lots of swimming skills. The swimming teachers watched us as we showed them what we could already do and then they put us into groups. We practised our floating and kicking. We learnt to swim freestyle and backstoke. Some of us got better at breathing to the side. We were really tired after swimming because we worked so hard.

Jump Rope For Heart

All the Grade Prep, 1 and 2 children had a special Jump Rope For Heart day. Many children collected donations for the Heart Foundation. Mrs Carlile organised lots of activities for us and the Grade 6 children helped us with the activities. We all dressed in red and even though it was hot, we had lots of fun. Some of the activities were skipping with the long and short ropes, an obstacle course, sack race and the limbo.



Grade 1K loves to skip. There are three reasons why we should skip as often as we can.

Firstly skipping can help you to keep healthy and fit.

Secondly skipping gets your heart pumping and circulates blood around your body.

Finally skipping is fun and you can learn new skills.

We strongly believe that we should skip as often as we can because it is fun and keeps you fit and healthy.