In Term 1 we learnt about where we live in the City of Casey. Our teachers and parents walked to Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick. We had a picnic and explored the playground and the park. We walked to the top of the lookout tower and we could see all over the City of Casey. We could see the yellow shade sails at Berwick Lodge, the freeway, Fountain Gate and all the new houses being built. We realised that the City of Casey is very, very  big.


Professor Maths came to our school. He was awesome. He had so many fun games for us to play. We worked in groups of four and moved around as many activities as we could. There were shape puzzles, addition fishing, addition ten pin bowling, jigsaws, mazes, cube building and lots more. We learnt to work as a team to solve problems. We discovered that the first answer is not always the best answer. Some of us were really good at not giving up. If we solved a really tricky puzzle we got to wear Professor Maths wigs.


At Casey Safety Village we learnt about being safe cyclists, pedestrians and passengers in the car. Everyone got to ride on a bike around pretend roads. We had to know the road rules and obey the street signs. Some of us got to have a turn at being the lollipop person. Before we could ride our bike on the road we had to have our helmets checked to make sure they were safe. Everyone was able to ride a bike.

Casey Safety Village

We had great fun when we went to Casey Safety VIllage in Cranbourne. There was a fire safety house where we learnt about all the heat sources in our homes that could cause a fire. We found out that you need heat, fuel and oxygen for a fire to start. A lot of fires start in the kitchen but sometimes our heaters can start a fire. We talked about having a fire saftey plan at home. We also found out that a cold door is a safe door to exit. We all practised stop, drop and roll if our clothes caught fire and to crawl low in smoke.


We had a special dress up day at school called Hospital Day. We brought a gold coin donation to help the Royal Children’s Hospital. I dressed up as a patient. I had a sling, a bandage and lots of bandaids. Some children were doctors and nurses.

Our CSIRO Visit

The Grade One and Twos had a visit from the CSIRO. Sean taught us about Solids, Liquids and Gases. We got to do some experiments. In the first experiment we made a gas with a special powder and vinegar. The gas made a ballon blow up. Another experiment showed how solids can turn into a liquid. A tablet dissolved faster in hot water. It was awesome because we got to do the experiments.

Maths Trail With Our Buddies

 During Literacy and Numeracy Week we explored our school grounds with our Grade 4 Buddies. They helped us to solve a Maths trail and Photo trail. We walked all around the school looking for clues. We counted and measured and had great fun.