Minibeast Wildlife Visit

Wow, what a great visit. We got to see lots of creepy crawlies up really close. Some of us thought we would be really scared of handling the creatures but we all put on our brave faces and had a go. There were gigantic millipedes, tarantulas, huntsman spiders, scorpions, stick insects, beetles and so much more. We were fascinated when we got to look up close and even touch the minibeasts. There was so much to learn and discover about what can be living in our own backyards.


Professor Maths came to our school. He was awesome. He had so many fun games for us to play. We worked in groups of four and moved around as many activities as we could. There were shape puzzles, addition fishing, addition ten pin bowling, jigsaws, mazes, cube building and lots more. We learnt to work as a team to solve problems. We discovered that the first answer is not always the best answer. Some of us were really good at not giving up. If we solved a really tricky puzzle we got to wear Professor Maths wigs.

Our CSIRO Visit

The Grade One and Twos had a visit from the CSIRO. Sean taught us about Solids, Liquids and Gases. We got to do some experiments. In the first experiment we made a gas with a special powder and vinegar. The gas made a ballon blow up. Another experiment showed how solids can turn into a liquid. A tablet dissolved faster in hot water. It was awesome because we got to do the experiments.

Jump Rope For Heart

In the last week of term all the Grade Prep, 1 and 2 children had a special Jump Rope For Heart day. Mr Pryor organised lots of activities for us and the Grade 6 children helped us with the activities. We had a go at lots of activities like skipping, hopscotch and space hopper races. Many children collected donations for the Heart Foundation.

County Fair

We had great fun at the County Fair. We could ride a billy cart and buy fairy floss. There was art work to look at and badges and pet rocks to buy. We could have a go at ten pin bowling. Some kids got to throw a wet sponge at Ms Kelly. She got all wet.

The Grade 1 and 2 Mosaic Wall

The Grade 1 and 2 children all worked together to make a special mosaic on the wall outside the Art Room. It shows lots faces with happy and positive emotions. 1K was the first grade to work on the mosaic. Mrs McLeod invited an artist called Helen who helped to design the mural. She showed us how to use pieces of black tiles to make the outlines of the faces. Other children put on safety goggles and smashed big bits of tiles in a bag with the hammer so they broke into small pieces. We used these coloured pieces for the background. All the other Grade 1 and 2 children worked on the mosaic wall in their art lesson. It will look great when it is finished.




Grade 1K loves to skip. There are three reasons why we should skip as often as we can.

Firstly skipping can help you to keep healthy and fit.

Secondly skipping gets your heart pumping and circulates blood around your body.

Finally skipping is fun and you can learn new skills.

We strongly believe that we should skip as often as we can because it is fun and keeps you fit and healthy.