Lego Challenge

On Open Night we challenged our visitors to try to build a Lego bridge to cross a river. We tried to see if it was strong enough to hold some weights. The best effort was a bridge that was still standing after 2.5kgs.

Our Lego Excursion by Freyja

We went to the Lego Education Centre. We went by bus. I made a merry-go-round, roller coaster, pulley ride and a tea cup ride. My favourite activity was building on the mat with the new Lego sets.


We travelled on the bus to the Lego Education centre in Docklands. We built a pulley ride. It was fun.

The Lego Education Centre by Brock

I went to the Lego Education Centre with 1K and 2Z. It was in Docklands. We went on Thursday. I liked building and working in the four groups. After we played games and had food. It was a fun day.