Searching for Squares

A square has four sides. A square has four angles. A square has equal sides. A square has corners.

(Maliaka, Riley, Abbey, Rhys, Lilyrose)

Looking for Triangles

A triangle has three sides. It is shaped like a mountain. Its sides can be different lengths. Triangles can be different sizes.

(Nathan, Ava, Sienna, Tyler)


Collecting Circles

A circle is round. There are lots of circles in the playground. A ball is like a circle. It can roll very far. Some are big and small. Some can bounce very high.

Rectangle Search

Rectangles have four sides. Rectangles have corners or points. A rectangle has two long sides and two short sides.

(Taran, Ava, Baran)

Hexagon Hunt

Hexagons are easy to find outside. Hexagons have six sides.

Collecting Data – Our Favourite Toy



Education Week

We had a maths focus during Education Week. We thought about all the maths in our lunchboxes. We found lots of different things like the shapes of our sandwiches and fruit, fractions, the numbers on food packaging, the size of our food and money we could spend at the canteen. We discovered that there is maths everywhere.


Professor Maths came to our school. He was awesome. He had so many fun games for us to play. We worked in groups of four and moved around as many activities as we could. There were shape puzzles, addition fishing, addition ten pin bowling, jigsaws, mazes, cube building and lots more. We learnt to work as a team to solve problems. We discovered that the first answer is not always the best answer. Some of us were really good at not giving up. If we solved a really tricky puzzle we got to wear Professor Maths wigs.