Our Visit to the Life Education Van


Our grade went into the Life Education van with Amazing Ange. She introduced us to Super Harold. Harold was a bit clumsy because he kept bumping his head. 










We learnt about healthy foods and found out that some foods have lots of sugar, fats and salt. We shouldn’t eat too much of these foods.  We should eat lots of fruit because they give us plenty of energy.





We learnt about being Sunsmart and that it is important to wear sunscreen on our skin. We should also wear a Sunsmart hat that protects our face, ears and neck.

Mitchell and Deegan had to find the veins, lungs and the heart on Tam’s body. They used a magic wand and if they were right the body parts lit up. Some children got to put the lungs, heart, veins and arteries in their correct spots on a pretend body.

P1040936We watched a movie keeping ourselves safe. Some children got to be a super hero and had to solve the safety problems. 

We loved meeting Super Harold. The Life Education van was interesting and we learnt a lot about keeping our bodies healthy and safe. We had loads of fun.