Regional Robocup Competition! by Samudra

This term (term 3 2015) but a few months ago my team, Rookies competed in Riley Rover – Robocup. I had two of my friends, Kyra and Jayda who were in the team. Because it was our first time and our robot, Ibot made quite a few mistakes in our practice round at Glendal Primary School so we were very nervous.

But now it was our actual competition, Regional. It was held at a school called Sacre Coeur. We were 2nd to complete, at least try to complete the 1st round. Ibot finished the course in quite a fast time. Ibot did all the courses other than course 5. Sadly he didn’t finish but he was so close.

I was very happy with our 10th place.

The day finally finished. I was sooo hungry so  my Mum bought me a chocolate muffin and my sister bought me a hot dog and Ovalteenies. I waited with my sister for a very long time for my mum to pick us up. Finally Mum came.




Bee-bot Fun

Ms Rapinett is teaching us robotics with Bee-bots. We had so much fun in our first lesson. She showed us how to program the Bee-bot to move forwards and backwards and to turn left and right. It was a bit tricky. We also had a go on the ipad using the Bee-bot app. There were twelve levels that got harder and harder. We had to program the Bee-bot to move along a path.