Searching for Squares

A square has four sides. A square has four angles. A square has equal sides. A square has corners.

(Maliaka, Riley, Abbey, Rhys, Lilyrose)

Looking for Triangles

A triangle has three sides. It is shaped like a mountain. Its sides can be different lengths. Triangles can be different sizes.

(Nathan, Ava, Sienna, Tyler)


Collecting Circles

A circle is round. There are lots of circles in the playground. A ball is like a circle. It can roll very far. Some are big and small. Some can bounce very high.

Rectangle Search

Rectangles have four sides. Rectangles have corners or points. A rectangle has two long sides and two short sides.

(Taran, Ava, Baran)

Hexagon Hunt

Hexagons are easy to find outside. Hexagons have six sides.