1K had fun on the ipads. We were learning about symmetrical drawings. The App we used was Sym Lab Basic. What happened was we drew one side of a picture and it came up on the other side. I drew a butterfly and Emma drew a picture of Ms Kelly.  Emma and Molly

We used the ipad to learn about symmetrical drawing. We used an app called Sym Lab Basic. When we drew half a picture on one side it was copied on the other side. Zubair, Zak and Jobin

We used the ipads with a partner and went on Sym Lab Basic to make one half of a symmetrical picture. As we drew, the other half of the picture appeared. Stefan and Aris

We played on the ipads to learn about symmetry. We used Sym Lab Basic. We drew a picture on one half and it came on the other side. It was symmetrical – that means both halves were the same like in a miror.  Jayda and Charli