Kite Flying

We made a paper bag kite. Most of us thought it was easy to make. The best part was when we went out to the oval to test our kites. We ran and ran so that the moving air could help lift our kite off the ground.

Our Lego Excursion by Freyja

We went to the Lego Education Centre. We went by bus. I made a merry-go-round, roller coaster, pulley ride and a tea cup ride. My favourite activity was building on the mat with the new Lego sets.


We travelled on the bus to the Lego Education centre in Docklands. We built a pulley ride. It was fun.

The Lego Education Centre by Brock

I went to the Lego Education Centre with 1K and 2Z. It was in Docklands. We went on Thursday. I liked building and working in the four groups. After we played games and had food. It was a fun day.